09 8 2022



Peace actions with which we honor the victims are the symbol of each activity that UDIK carries out in public. UDIK believes that streets of the cities are the law of the work in community and problem solve on the streets – the streets and squares of every city. We make visible nonviolent resistance to all forms of discrimination, like religious, cultural, sexual and ideological ones.


In black clothes and silence, UDIK expressed the deepest respect for the civil victims of the war and the pain of whole community because of it. With this act, UDIK provides strength to the victims, showing them that that they are not alone, that there is someone to fight for their rights and someone to stand for them on the street or square. Through the conscientious objection, nonviolence, peace education, campaigns, civil disobedience, UDIK requests demilitarization of community.


Activists of UDIK are sending a strong message that they fight for peace, but also will address and listen to any person who needs that.


UDIK wants to encourage community not to tolerate any kind of violence in society. He (UDIK) is the one who “disturb” the community and calls it to react as quickly it is possible. We demand responsibility, cooperation with the ICTY, the Court of B&H, responsibility for the war crimes, peace building and solidarity and through all that we require a permanent confrontation with the past events of our society.

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