26 9 2023
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     Central register of memorials (CES BIH) is the only record of memorials in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were built in the post-conflict period in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1996 – 2016) as a consequence of the armed conflict between the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBIH), the Army of the Republic of Srpska (VRS) and the Croatian Defense Council (HVO).

Researchers and historians who created the Central register of memorials (CES BIH) were collecting factual information from various sources, which records can be viewed via the map of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the first time in the history of the former Yugoslavia, they made register of memorials that do not give opportunity for manipulation, minimization or exaggeration of all the monuments that were built in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is not a final and complete list of monuments that were built in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but largely provides a clear view of the problem of building memorials in our community. Also, every citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina who has any information regarding a memorial can send it to the professional team of UDIK who will check that through an appropriate verification process and if the team finds the information as a correct, the information will be entered into the Central register of memorials (CES BIH)

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