09 8 2022
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     Central Register of Monuments in the Republic of Croatia (CES RH) is a record of memorials built during the Homeland War (1991 – 1995) or in the post-conflict period in Croatia. Mapped monuments are dedicated to the victims of the Homeland War.

Researchers and historians who created CES RH collected materials from various sources and then analyzed the collected data. The result of this work is a record that does not give opportunity for manipulation, minimization or exaggeration of all monuments built in the Republic of Croatia.

This is not the final and complete list of monuments built in the Republic of Croatia, but largely provides a clear state of the problem of the construction of memorials in the community. Also, every citizen of Croatia who has any information regarding a memorial can send it to the UDIK expert team who will check the information through a certain verification process. If the team finds the information as a correct, it will be included in the Central Register of Monuments in RH (CES RH)

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