20 10 2021


     The crime named “Abduction in Štrpci” took place on 27 February 1993 when members of the Serbian paramilitary unit under the command of Milan Lukić, with the logistical support from the Republic of Serbia, kidnapped a group of passengers from Belgrade – Bar train at Štrpci station near Višegrad, on Bosnian territory. They kidnapped and later killed twenty civilians: eighteen Bosniaks, one Croat and one unidentified person. Most of those killed were citizens of Serbia or Montenegro.

For this crime was sentenced Nebojša Ranisavljević to fifteen years in prison. Mićo Jovičić received a five-year sentence after pleading guilty before Bosnian state court in 2016. Ten former Bosnian Serb soldiers are currently on trial at the Bosnian state court in Sarajevo for Štrpci abduction and massacre. Five more Bosnian Serbs are currently on trial for the same crime in Belgrade. In December 2019, Bosnian state prosecution charged Milan Lukić, the wartime leader of the Avengers paramilitary group, with crimes against twenty passengers who were abducted from a train at Štrpci and then murdered.

Twenty-eight years have passed since this war crime, and the families of the victims still do not have any symbolic compensation just because their relatives were killed on the territory of another state. We consider that inadmissible and shameful. Remembering the abduction in Štrpci is our permanent duty. We ask that a memorial plaque be erected at the former Main Railway Station in Belgrade, from where train 671 departed, which will testify to a war crime committed against civilians, who were primarily citizens of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

On this occasion, we remember the innocent victims: Esad Kapetanović, Ilijaz Ličina, Fehim Bakija, Šećo Softić, Rifet Husović, Senad Đečević, Ismet Babačić, Halil Zubčević, Adem Alomerović, Muhedin Hanić, Safet Preljević, Džafer Topuzović, Rasim Ćorić, Fikret Memović, Favzija Zeković, Nijazim Kajević, Zvezdan Zuličić, Jusuf Rastoder, and Toma Buzov.

Association for Social Research and Communication (UDIK) – Sarajevo

Center for Democracy and Transitional Justice (CDTJ) – Banja Luka

Woman’s Voice – Priboj

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